Having a functional office means that you and your employees can move around with ease without climbing over furniture or crowding others to use office machines or access paperwork and files. Furniture, machines, equipment, supplies, files, and pending work bins should be arranged to make sense and enhance productivity. Let us make suggestions that will make you more comfortable and productive. 

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Having a filing system that works for everyone is crucial to business success. Whether you need a paper system, a digital library, or both, we can organize it in a simple yet effective way so there are no more mis-files and everyone can find the papers and information they need.


The most important back office function in business is bookkeeping. Collecting money is what keeps you in business. Proper financial records also enable you have a clear picture of whether your business is making money, where the money is coming in from, and who it is being paid out to. Without a proper system, not only will you lose control of your expenditures, it will cost you significant additional fees if your accountant has to wade through bank and credit card statements, invoices, and expense reports. We will create or reorganize a system that you can easily maintain, and even consult with your accountant if needed.


This is the heart of your operation. No matter what business you are in, if your work flow is not running smooth, your business will suffer. We can review your customer interaction procedures, Point of Sale methods, order and fulfillment system, paperwork management, shipping and receiving, expediting systems, and more. Whether you need a small tweak or a major overhaul, we will brainstorm to come up with a flow that is simple and efficient.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a face to face business, or someone who never sees their customers. It doesn’t matter if you sell products or provide services. Your customers need attention, and it should always be consistent, no matter who they are speaking with. Good service starts with the first contact. Your customer service procedures should reflect your company mission and also protect your bottom line. Establishing a simple method and setting a standard for all employees to follow is paramount.


Spending time writing the same information over and over, or having to decipher orders or requests from customers is unacceptable. As part of a new or existing work flow, we can create consistent looking custom forms which will reduce errors and streamline your processes.

Reporting and Follow Up:  You will receive a report on the work done, and written procedures that can be followed. We will come back for a check in at an agreed upon time to make sure you are on track. We are always available to answer any questions.

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