Is your business...

___  making mistakes when filling orders

___  missing deadlines or running behind on projects

___   paying too much in professional fees

___   relying on bank statements for financial information

___  using credit card statements for expense reports

___  losing sales due to slower production times

Is your office...

___  cluttered with papers and files everywhere

___  hard to physically navigate

___  dirty

Are you or your employees...

___  receiving complaints from customers

___  having a hard time finding files and paperwork

___  ordering supplies more than twice a month

___  constantly “putting out fires”

___  letting the majority of calls go to voice mail

___  missing or frequently changing appointments

If you can answer yes to three or more of these symptoms, your business could be suffering from disorganization and inefficiency.  Call us to find out how we can help.  Contact Barbara Pesce for a complimentary consultation. 516-313-7036

Are your customers...

___  waiting too long for return calls and emails

___  calling you instead of the appropriate employee

Are your vendors...

___  filling small, last minute or rush orders for you

___  receiving payments inconsistently

___  charging you fees or interest

Do You...

___  want more time for more important things?

Will You...

___  benefit from saving money?

Can You...

___  get used to working in a clean, neat office?

How can Simply Systematic help you?
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